Friday, January 21, 2011

Post 1501 - The Night Before The Big Day

The house is nearly ready to accept... the new fridge and stove!

I shouldn't be so excited.  It's  not like it's free or anything.  They're costing Patricia and me a pretty penny.   But tossing  out the old fridge, which doesn't keep food well, which leaks water, which makes awful farting noises all day long, will be a pleasure indeed.

I took a vacation day on Thursday to prepare the kitchen and empty out all the unidentifiable items from the refrigerator.   There were a lot of them.  Both of us were frightened by some of the contents.  For one things, chunks of ice were on some of them.  For another, they defied any and all attempts of classification. No taxonomy known to humankind would have helped us determine what these things were.   It could have been some alien life form in the back of my refrigerator for all I know.

The green bin received much of this sludge, this bio medical waste, this muck.  After a while, the green bin seemed to recoil as I approached it to drop more stuff in.   I'm sorry, green bin.  Recycling day is Tuesday.  Be a team player until then, will you?  I have to do things I don't want to do, as well.  Two words: Craft Shows.

The guys will be delivering the new appliances and taking the old ones away, sometime Saturday afternoon.  We have  been told it will be sometime between 1 and 4.    Which means it will be Tuesday night between 7 and 10.   I don't take these delivery estimates with a grain of salt.  I take them with the entire shaker.

I will take some pictures of the old fridge and stove before they leave.  After they arrive, I will show you what the new appliances  look like.  I'm not a girl or anything like that, but I think you will be impressed by how cool they look.

I'm so excited!!


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