Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post 1503 - The First Meal

Something else happened this weekend that was pretty cool.  In addition to assembling the computer desk, we got a new fridge and stove on Saturday.

The new fridge is huge.  It is as tall as I am.  It has the freezer on the bottom, so the food is at eye level, more or less.

The stove is amazing as well.  We didn't want any fancy stove with non-raised cooking elements.  I grew up with coil elements, and that's what we stayed with.

We cooked our first meal with it today.  It was a roasted organic chicken with potatoes and peas.  The chicken was out of this world.

It has been an expensive weekend.  But, it's been productive as well.   I still feel jazzed about the computer desk.  The fridge and stove rock.  And I got nearly enough sleep.


I mean, who can have too much sleep?


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