Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post 1505 - Interview Overload?

I've been getting lots of feedback from the Lisa Blackburn interview.  Gary Tredwell and JC Douglas wrote very nice notes.  JC took the time to send me a personal email and indicated that he had learned stuff about Lisa he hadn't known.  That's good to hear.

I interview the next person on Thursday.  The one after that will be Tuesday at lunch time.  If you want to see how it's done, you can drop by The Pogue Fado during the noon hour and see me interview... but that would be telling.

Got yet another netbook computer today, through kijiji.  It's becoming a disease.  I'm a little disappointed with the purchase.  The version of linux on it is so restrictive that it's gonna be hard to make it useful.  The ad claimed to provide a spare battery.  Turns out that the battery doesn't fit that computer at all.  By pure happenstance, it fits my original netbook.  I'm charging that battery now.  I hope that it's a good battery.  I'll let you know, since you all care so damned much about my welfare and all.

I'm typing these humble, nearly pathetic, words on my junky desktop, whilst situated at my new-to-me computer desk.  Feels good to be typing on a desk that I assembled myself.  On Saturday, when I put this thing together, I only swore a little bit, and most of that was under my breath.  I was so proud of myself!

I think I have found some software suitable for OCR.  I think I will work on that tonight for a spell, to see if I can use it to read in some pictures that have a lot of text in them.

The life I lead.  You should be jealous.


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