Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post 1510 - I Was Right!

Mom and I didn't go shopping until 10 this morning. We didn't return until after 4. Along the way we went to Walmart, and had lunch and did more shopping in Wolfville, before returning to New Minas for groceries.

Learned this afternoon that the Village Meat Market in Port Williams is closing. The building is not suitable for their needs. There is very little retail space in the village, so if that space isn't good enough, there's not much place for them to go to. I'd be hard pressed to think of where they could go in the village.

Not sure what will become of the space. It's been many things over the years, but mostly it's been vacant. Would love to see something unique move in there, like Port Williams' very first book store. With the Tin Pan Bakery and Bistro next door, it would be a unique one-two punch.

Probably, though, it'll just go back to being a whole lot of nothing.

Started transcribing the Brad Dryden interview this evening. I think you'll like it when you see it. Cub Carson from Live 105 on Tuesday.

Long day. Time for sleep.

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