Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Post 1514 - A Winter's Eve

It took two and a half miserable hours to get home this evening.  Nova Scotia got blanketed by a major snowstorm today.  Of course, it couldn't happen over night.  It had to happen in the afternoon, just to make the drive home from work so very interesting.

I didn't bother driving the car this morning.  I heeded the weather forecast and took the bus.  The drive in wasn't very bad at all.   The day at work wasn't bad at all.

The ride home was awful.  I managed to grab a bus to the Mumford Road terminal with no problem, but then I had to wait for 90 minutes in the cold and the snow until my bus arrived.  Patricia was able to catch up to me there before the bus arrived.

It finally showed up, just as I was losing feeling in my extremities and fearing that they would find my frozen, partially-eaten corpse in the Spring.  We got on.  The heat was happening.  And we got back here around 5:30.

The snow is piled up high around the house.  I should have gone out this evening and shoveled, but I was cold, and hungry and needed to wee real bad.  Once I had warmed up, and eaten, and whizzed like nobody was looking, I didn't feel like going back out in the inclement weather, so I have stayed inside.

I'm typing these humble words on my computer desk, the one I assembled myself the other weekend.  Ah.  This is the life.

Newbie, peel me a grape, will you?


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