Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post 1515 - An Experiment

I'm typing these humble words on the ASUS EEE 2G computer I bought off kijiji last week.  I have hooked up an external keyboard and external mouse.

The goal is to keep this computer at my mother's and use it for blog transcribing when I'm down there.

The problem was, the stock operating system for the Asus was pretty... "toe", as a guy I used to work with would say.  It is difficult to upgrade that operating system to make it very useful, so this evening, I hauled out a recent version of Puppy Linux on a cd and installed it to a usb drive.  I can boot the computer from that usb drive and use the better software on Puppy for things like the interviews.

I'm back to using the stock Xandros os for this post because I just want to see if it will work.

You know, if there is a more boring person in the planet right now, if you can find another guy who's spent the last 2 hours farting around with linux distros on a fairly crippled computer, then he and I will have a party in a phone both somewhere and think about what could have been.

Also spent time this evening shoveling out my driveway.

Like I said, a really interesting guy!

More tomorrow.  Can you stand the excitement?

Well, can you, punk?


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