Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post 1518 - It's Not Fair!

It's another Sunday evening.  It's pushing 10:30.  I have spent the last 90 minutes or so transcribing parts of a Cub Carson interview.  I will spend an equal amount of time working on the Brad Dryden interview Monday night, and then that amount of time on Tuesday night getting back to the much-delayed James Taylor interview.

This past week was pretty long.  I was filling in for a guy on vacation, and I was busy, and I was bushed most evenings.  The weekend was well earned.  And, it's now over.

It's not fair.  Weekends are too darned short.  However, I got a lot done over the last couple of days.   I spent quite a few hours on Saturday moving 2 book cases from the upper floor of my house down here to my home office.   They flank my computer desk.  They seemingly stand sentry as I type away.  Of course, I have a radio at this computer desk, as I do at my original computer desk, and at my writing desk.  Yep.  3 radios in a small room.  Shut up.  Just shut up.  

The bookcases have hundreds of books in 'em.  Moving them down here yesterday helped me become acquainted with them again.  I know that home designers hate clutter.  They hate books if you have more than 15 or so of them.  They'd blanch if they saw my house.  They'd run for the door and seek psychiatric assistance if they saw my house.

I have dozens of the novels of John D. MacDonald.  He died more than 20 years ago and is highly revered in the mystery field, yet his books are mostly out of print, alas.  Among many other things, he created the character of Travis McGee, the main character in many of MacDonald's books.  Another novel, "The Executioners", became a movie twice.  If you've seen "Cape Fear", either the one with Robert Mitchum or the one with Robert Deniro, you've at least seen a MacDonald story.  

I have more horror novels than is perhaps healthy for a person to own.  I have spent so much purchasing the novels of Max Allan Collins that he has probably made enough royalties from me to take his wife out to a reasonably nice dinner in a reasonably nice restaurant.  And, Stephen Hunter and Lee Child have probably seen a small blip in their income over the last couple of years.  You're welcome.

I love my books.  I love them.  You may not get it.  But, I do.  I love my books.  You can't have 'em.  Get your own.

So, sue me.

More on Monday.


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