Friday, February 11, 2011

Post 1524 - The Future Of The Blog Interviews

I don't get much feedback from my blog interviews.    Most of what I do get is very positive.  However, one guy, obviously embittered from his years working in radio, wrote on my facebook this week that he wants my interviews to have much more meat.

I think I know what he means.  I approach these interviews as a radio fan.  There may be a "gosh wow" factor to them, a tone, but that's what I set out to do.  I want these interviews to be positive.  If I were negative, if I were confrontational, the interview subjects would dry up and blow away, and you wouldn't see any more interviews here, ever again.

My question to you, since you're the one who reads them, is: Does Scott have any point here?  Are the interviews interesting to you, or do I miss opportunities to go for the jugular and you walk away frustrated by the whole experience? 

Please let me know what you think.  I am transcribing a few more interviews but have not booked any more after that.  Are these interviews worth doing?  Should I stop doing them?  Should I be a little more aggressive in talking to these radio folks? (which I don't want to do, by the way)

You can comment on my facebook, my twitter or the old-fashioned way by leaving a comment on this blog post.  I will sift through the inevitable 100's of responses and decide the best course of action.

Thank you.


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NSValleyGurl said...

i like your interviews, getting the back story on how they got into radio and such, the Mel Sampson interview made me giggle.