Sunday, February 13, 2011

Post 1526 - An Accomplishment

Late Saturday night, I finished the first draft of the Cub Carson interview and sent it off to Mr. Carson.  This evening, I resumed work on the Brad Dryden interview.  Two other interviews are sitting patiently in my digital voice recorder, awaiting my typing.  I will not book any more interviews until all of them have been sent off to the subjects for final vetting.

I have been getting quite a bit of feedback on the question of whether I should continue the interviews on this blog.  It has been overwhelmingly positive, so I will continue them until the interview subjects dry up.  There are only so many radio people out there at all; and only so many of them want to talk to me anyway. It's a finite pool, and I will eventually swim from one end to another and back again.  But, I'm not there yet, and have quite a ways to go.

Filling in for the same guy this week that I filled in for 2 weeks ago.  The last time, I was run off my feet.  I am guessing it will be like the last time, this time.

See you tomorrow with more amazing stuff from... Bevboy's Blog.


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