Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post 1528 - A Night Out

For Christmas in 2010, Patricia gave me a gift certificate to a downtown restaurant called  Gingergrass.  We finally used it this evening.

We ordered the dinner for 2, because there were 2 of us, and it would have been rude of me to have eaten both portions of the food while Patricia watched.

We had the Thai special.  I had the hot and spicy soup.  She had the coconut soup.  I had the vegetable spring roll; Patricia wanted the meat one.  We shared the spicy tomato and the rice and the other chicken dish.  We both had a dessert of ice cream with a fried banana piece.

We waddled back to my car and drove back home.  We just watched "The Good Wife".  Patricia is downstairs watching "Glee" while I watch part of the PBS series about broadcast pioneers.  Where's Ernie Kovacs, people?

Another day of filling in tomorrow.  What do Ian Robinson and I have in common?  We can both be called Phil Inn.  Funny times.  Funny times.

See you tomorrow.


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