Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post 1529 - It's Late

It's late.

I transcribed 4 audio files in the Brad Dryden interview.  5 more to go.  Should finish this weekend.

I had my Toastmasters meeting tonight.  We had 4 guests.  They were named John, Jessica, Jesse and... Tyra.

I got home.  Cleaned out some stuff that had spilled in the new fridge.  Came downstairs and fired up this here computer and decided to catch up on one of my favourite websites, the wonderful newsfromme by Mark Evanier.

He's a great writer, and I'm not.  I do the best I can, but he's been a pro for 40+ years, working in television, comics and other forms of fiction.  I once sold a brief article about Spider  Robinson to the Comics Buyer's Guide and was paid $5.00 or so for the privilege when they ran it.  If you don't know who Spider Robinson is, well, he used to be a pretty popular science fiction writer who lived in Nova Scotia for years and years, until his wife's work dried up and they moved to Vancouver in 1987, where they remain.  Many of his earlier novels take place in NS; one of them takes place just a few kilometres from my mother's home, where Spider was living in a hippie commune back in the day.

Anyway, it's late, and I need to get some sleep for day 4 of filling in for the guy who's on vacation this week.  I am going to send you to Mark's website as he tells the story about the greatest plumber in the world.  Go ahead and read it now, wish that you had such a good plumber.

See you tomorrow.


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