Saturday, February 19, 2011

Post 1533 - Where Did Today Go?

Let's see here.  I went to bed frightfully early Friday night.  Slept nearly 12 hours.  It's now just shy of 11pm, and I'm trying to remember what I did today to justify my existence.

We watched 4 episodes of "Boardwalk Empire" today.  We hope to watch the final episodes of season one on Sunday.  We watched episode  4 of this season's Spartacus prequel.  The actors whose characters died at the end of season one are mostly back this season for the prequel.  You can almost see the joy on their faces to have had this unexpected work playing the same people they played last year.  There are 2 more episodes to go in this short prequel season; next year, there will be a new guy playing Spartacus.

I rearranged my home office this afternoon, yet again today.  There are some more changes I have in store for this room over the next couple of weeks.  You don't care, but I do.

I use this cheap desktop computer much, much more than I do the "good" one I bought 2 years ago.  This one runs the current version of Ubuntu.  That one is running Vista.  I need to have at least one Windows desktop machine at my disposal, but Vista is driving me crazy.  I met a guy once who told me, with a straight face, that he liked Vista a lot.  He ran a computer store in the Annapolis Valley.  Never going back there.

Will probably buy some edition of Windows 7 soon.  I have a perfectly legal and unused copy of XP here in this room.  I suppose I could use it, but it seems like a big step back to me.  Let me know if you disagree with me.  We still use XP at work and it will be a while before 7 is rolled out to people.

Discovered this afternoon that youtube has tons of videos of shows from the History Channel in the States.  I watched a long doc this afternoon about the Great Plague.  I had no idea that these videos were on youtube.   I suspect that most of the vids I would like to see are up there.

It's now 11:11pm.  Guess I'll call it a night.

It's a night.


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