Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post 1536 - Not Very Helpful

The Cub Carson interview was so much fun, you'll see another interview in this space next week.   If you're looking for the Carson interview, folks, it's yesterday's post.  Yes, I try to write something for this blog every day.

Developed a Bevboy patent-pending headache this afternoon.  The symptoms kicked in around lunch time.  I took a zomig pill, but it was too late.  By 4pm, I wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere.  I couldn't wait to get home.  Finally, I did, and promptly went to bed.  I only woke up a few minutes ago (it's past 10).

I refuse to be sick on the 23rd of February.  I refuse.  Ain't gonna happen.   No friggin' way.

Newbie knocked a bunch of stuff off my nightstand while I was asleep.  Little bastard.  I'll knock some of his cat toys around and see how he likes it.  I'm nothing if not vindictive.

I'll do it when he least expects.


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