Friday, February 25, 2011

Post 1539 - One Day Down

I type these humble, possibly pathetic, words at the Port Williams Library.  It's about 7:25.

I drove up from Hali this morning, leaving around 7:30 and arriving at my mother's around 9.  There was some legal business to take care of at the lawyer's at 10, and there will be more of that fun stuff before the rental property leaves the family on Tuesday.

It's been a day of blah.  The highlight was deciding to  bring Newbie up with me this morning.  He has been all over me since I brought him up.  He purrs like a newborn kitten, rather than the four and a half year old moppet he actually is.  He jumps on my lap and stares up at me as if he actually liked me a little bit.  I keep telling myself, "He's a cat.  Cats don't really care about humans; we just live to serve them."  But, Newbie is telling me, I guess, in his way, that he would have missed me a lot if I had decided to leave him in Hali for the several days I'll be in the Valley.

Patricia remains in Hali, bonding with Cindy Clawford until my return.

Tomorrow is more estate-related stuff.  I won't bore you.

Sunday, more estate stuff.

Monday?  What's happening Monday?  Yep.  You guessed it.

Time to read a bit more about Charlie Sheen...


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