Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post 1541 - Three Days Down

It is Sunday night.  I type these humble words at my sister's place, having hopped on their wifi.  Thanks.

Took Mom shopping this morning.  She can still out shop most any woman in the world.  She uses a cane not to keep her balance but to strike anyone who gets in her way of a bargain at whatever store she's in at the moment.

We had lunch at Rosie's restaurant in Wolfville before we returned to New Minas for yet more shopping. We finally, at long last, returned to her place around 3:15.  I collapsed on my bed, and slept until nearly 6:15.   I drove here around 7:15 and will go back to Mom's around 9.

Monday is the last day that the rental property will be in the family.  I will go there once or twice and take some pictures, perhaps even shoot some video, and say goodbye to a place that has a mixed emotional attachment for me.  The previous tenant lived there for 25 years; I don't remember ever having a meal there.  I was in the house perhaps 50 times during that period of time.  50 would be on the high side.

Tuesday, the house leaves the family.  I won't miss it very much.

It's 8:45.   Miss Newbie. Will call it a night.


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