Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Post 1543 - Five Days Down!

It's the end of my mini vacation.  I return to work in the mornin'.

It has not been a very fun weekend.  There was a lot of crap I won't bore you with.

I mean, it was fun to have my mother buy me lunch for my birthday at the Port Pub on Saturday.  It was fun to go back to the Port Pub that evening when my sister and niece bought me dinner at the Port Pub; the same server served me both times.  I think she thought I was stalking her.  In actuality, after 2 heavy meals at that place, I was so full and bloated, I couldn't have chased after her if I had wanted to.   She was safe.  Besides, Patricia knows this woman anyway.

The rental property was conveyed to the new owners this morning, around 9.  I drove past the place a couple of hours later and saw the new owners on their new property.  It is highly doubtful I will ever be on the property again as long as I live.  Doesn't bother me much.  I was only on the property and in the house 50 or so times over the 25 years the previous tenant lived there.  That the tenant was my other sister should tell you something.  I will leave it at that.

What else?  The new programmable thermostat I watched my brother-in-law install at my mother's works great.  Tweaked the temperatures this morning, and Mom is much more comfortable.  Thanks for asking.

I have an interview that just needs to be published.  I had hoped to put it up today, but that won't happen.  Wednesday night, after work, we're going to the Melissa Etheridge concert, so it won't get done then.  Thursday night, going to a 55th anniversary meeting of a local Toastmasters club, taking place at the legislature.   Looks like I will be able to work on it on Friday night.  It's a good interview and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Time for bed.  Long day tomorrow!


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