Sunday, March 6, 2011

Post 1552 - Another Weekend Shot! How Is That Possible?

Today's musical question deals with how quickly weekends go by.  I look forward to weekends to catch up on my sleep, to get some things done that there aren't time to do during the week, and to spend time with my betrothed.

I did all of those things, and a few more.  I did  manage to publish the Brad Dryden interview yesterday, and have received some nice feedback so far.  I mean, Scott Snailham probably hates it, but he hates everything I do and is so bitter about his radio background that I doubt if any amount of positive energy would be of assistance.  Maybe some of Charlie Sheen's much-vaunted tiger's blood would help Scott and make him a winner.  Yeah.  Maybe that.

In the next 7 days I will have interviewed 2 more folks, both of whom work for Live 105 here in Hali.  Just this evening, I cleared a bunch of space off my digital voice recorder in anticipation of those interviews.  Even so, there are still 2 more interviews on that recorder that haven't been fully transcribed yet.  One of them is more than 4 hours long and you will find it fascinating, unless your name is Scott Snailham.  Actually, it has almost nothing to do with radio, so it may even pass muster with Scott.

Have you ever watched a movie or a tv show or read a book, and the memory of it just lingers for far longer than it has any right to?   One aspect of it bugs you so much that you can't get it out of your head?  I have had that feeling for years with a John Travolta movie called "A Civil Action".  I won't ruin it for you other than to say that there are incidents in the movie (and probably the source book) which would  make me wonder whether any judge presiding over the resultant trial would force John Travolta to continue to defend the case in question.   I actually had a chance to ask a real-life judge that question once, but chickened out.  I think I will have to read the book and see if there is a  more satisfying ending than the movie provides.

Another work week ahead of me.  Yippee!


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