Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Post 1554 - Happy International Shrove Tuesday, Women!

Today is International Women's Day.  It's also Shrove Tuesday.  I figured: Let's combine the two.  Hence, the post title.

You're welcome.

Trying to figure out where the evening went.  We went to a nearby Catholic church even though we're not Catholic, because we wanted pancakes and sausage for dinner.  We got home and cleaned up pieces of a shutter that had broken at the neigbhour's home and blown on to my lawn.   I have been down here in my home office, one room over from the laundry room, most of the evening.

People have been clamouring for a blog post about all the radios in my house.  They will be pleased to know that this post is in the works and will appear here shortly.  In preparation for that event, I moved a radio from upstairs in the living room down here to my computer desk.  The radio that had been on this desk was moved back to the laundry room.  This means I still have 3 radios in this small room, in addition to a radio in the laundry room, plus others.  I can think of one or two other places in the house that would benefit from having a radio (or two) in them.

This blog post will show a picture of each radio and where it's kept in my house.  Where I recall, I will tell you where I bought the radio, and possibly even when, once again if my memory allows this to happen.  You'll find out why I have 2 radios in my bathroom.  You'll learn about the radios I keep at my mother's place.  You'll discover the startling secret of the bedroom radios and gasp in horror at the 300 dollar radio.   You will squeal with delight at my collection of shower radios.   You'll see my smallest radio, and my biggest one.  I am getting totally jazzed about this post, or perhaps even series of posts, as it would be a very long post, with plenty of pictures and lots of text.  Bevboy doesn't go for half measures!

See you tomorrow.


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