Thursday, March 10, 2011

Post 1556 - The Best Pizza In The Frickin' World!

Well, I interviewed Floyd from Live 105 today.  She told me that she knew about me even before I had approached Cub Carson or her for an interview.  It would appear that I am developing  a reputation for these interviews, which is, to quote Myley Cyrus, kinda cool.

Floyd is a lovely person and it was a great pleasure to meet her.  

I spent some time this evening downloading the audio files, the pictures and the videos (3 devices).  Now, I just have to type for many hours and I'll be able to present the world with another fine interview.

After work today, I admitted to Patricia that I had been craving a pizza from the south end of the city, a place I ordered from many times over the years I was renting my apartment on Green Street.  Peter's Pizzeria on Inglis Street.

We got there about 4:55.  I went in and ordered the Peter's Special, a double meat, double crust 'za.  Some 30 minutes later, piping hot, I carried it to the car and we drove home.   The smell of the pizza wafted through the car, and it took all of my willpower not to grab a slice as I was driving.

We finally, at long last, returned home.  We fed the cats.  We dug in to the pizza.   It was even better than I remembered!  The meats are of the highest quality.  Not sure how they can afford to put all that cheese on to her.  The crust is beyond excellent.   My God, it's delicious pizza.

I promise you, it won't be 10 years before I return to Peter's Pizzeria on Inglis Street!  Call them at 425-6498.  Tell them that Bevboy recommended them.


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