Monday, March 14, 2011

Post 1560 - Headache Time

Headaches are never fun. A very nice, juicy one developed this evening after I got home from work. I have just slept for several hours and it's mostly gone.

Tuesday will be an interesting day at work. Can't get much more into it than that except to state that training I took 9 years ago is finally being exploited.

Garbage Day is Tuesday. Reminds me of a buddy from back home, who missed a whole lot of school and eventually dropped out. He missed so much time, we didn't know if he had quit or not. It was nearly anticlimactic when he finally did.

Anyway, during his breaks, people began to ask me where he was. I would have no idea. One day I just mentioned that it was Garbage Day and he just chose to stay home to celebrate it.

It caught on in the school. It went viral. I'll never forget our Biology teacher, Mr. McGrath, confronting him one afternoon. "Why weren't you in class yesterday, Reg? It wasn't Garbage Day!"

My work was done.

Hee hee.

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