Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post 1561 - A Colleague?

I'm developing a reputation for my blog interviews, most notably with Nova Scotia radio broadcasters.  It is reaching the point where most broadcasters in these here parts know who I am, at least in the sense that they know there is a guy out there calling himself Bevboy who likes to talk to radio people and will buy them lunch while they talk about that particular topic.

It's a pretty unique niche I'm in.  I am unaware of someone else who talks to radio folks in the way that I do.  I am not blowing in my own horn.  I am just stating a fact and wondering why other bloggers in other markets don't do the same thing.  Maybe they do, and I just haven't found any yet.  Hope springs eternal.


However, that doesn't mean that there aren't other bloggers out there who carve out their own little niche and interview folks.

Just this evening, thanks to the amazing Mark Evanier, I have learned of a blogger in the U.S. who writes about classic television.  As part of that, he interviews the older comedians from that era.

This is fascinating stuff.  You will find an interview with Steve Martin.  Another with Tommy Smothers.  One with Dick Cavett.  Don't forget Gary Owens.  Many others.

I have hours of reading ahead of me, and you do, too, if you're a fan of these folks or at least want to learn more about the craft of being a funny dude, or behind-the-scenes stories of these funny dudes.

Here's the link.

You're welcome!


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