Saturday, March 19, 2011

Post 1565 - Another Library Post

Got up comparatively early for a Saturday morning.

I hadn't been to the Wolfville Farmer's Market for several months, so I decided to go.  Having got there, I walked around, noticed the paucity of vendors, ate a sausage, and left.  Killed a bit of time at EOS Fine Foods and the Odd Book before wandering into the Wolfville Library for a few minutes.  I read the latest news about the Great Halifax Concert Scandal (a.k.a. The Black-Eyed Squeeze), which made me shake my head, left, and came here to the Port Williams Library.  I am now sitting in the area that the girl was sitting in last evening, as I type stuff away on my netbook.  I love this little computer.

I plan to write more about this concert scandal later on, perhaps even this weekend.  But the events are unfolding so quickly that it almost makes sense to stand back and watch this stuff  happen, become angry over the waste of taxpayer's money, giggle over the I-Told-You-So irony, and wonder where all the proponents for concerts on the Common have gone.  I don't hear too much from those people.  Hee hee.

Think I'll go back and see how Mom is making out.


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