Monday, March 21, 2011

Post 1567- No Good Deed ...

Well, I was looking after my mother all weekend, from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon.  What did it get me?  Sick.  That's what it got me.

Against my better judgement,  I went to work this morning.  I got nothing done, as I felt so poorly.  Now, there lots of days when I don't get anything done.  Ask any colleague.  Ha ha.  

This one was different.

I was coughing and sneezing and gobbing and going through kleenex like it was on sale or something,  Which it was, last week at the Pharmasave in Timberlea.  But I digress.  My point was, all I did this morning was infect my co-workers, and I regret that.  I'm sorry.  Co-workers: Next time you're sick, feel free to spew your venom in my face the way I did in yours this morning.  Tit for tat.

I took the afternoon off and returned home, thanks to Patricia's getting time off work to drive me here.  I slept all afternoon and had a dinner of home made tomato soup.  I am back in bed now, in a partial state of undress, because I know it turns on my readers to imagine a sick Bevboy in bed in a partial state of undress.  The coughing and sneezing and gobbing are fringe benefits I have for you, gentle readers.

As things stand, there is a good chance I will call in sick on Tuesday.  I hate to do things like that.  I hate missing work.  But it's irresponsible to my co-workers, and to me, to go in to work and help make more people sick.  My father never had paid sick days, so the number of times he would stay home sick was extremely small.  I think of him as I drift in and out of consciousness on days like this.

Oh,  before I forget: I was hoping to pick up a copy of "Hot Tub Time Machine" at Wally Mart this past weekend for 5 bucks.  Loved that movie and want to see it a bunch more times.  If anyone has a copy....


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