Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post 1570 - Ode to Newbie

The fever has broken and I was feeling well enough today to drive to my doctor's this afternoon and get him to sign a note for the days of work I've missed this week.  I should be able to return to work on Monday.   That's good.

What isn't good is now, Patricia's sick.  She went to  bed early this evening and will sleep for many hours.  I hope she chooses to stay home in the morning.

I'm on the mend, and as I mentioned, it's a good thing.  72 hours of rest, with little food and plenty of liquids, gives a guy a chance to reflect on life.  I reflected on my cat.  Unless he was eating or using the litter box, Newbie was pretty much with me.  He was on the bed or under the blankets close to me or curled up in the small of my back.  If I turned my back to him, he would either scratch the back of my head to get me to resume my previous position, or move himself in such a way that he could be closer to me again.

As I type these words, I'm in my living room, and Newbie is on a scratching post, looking at me.  Aww!

I like to think, in his own kitty cat way, that Newbie was looking out for me, protecting me while I was at my sickest, and maybe even worried about me.  I shouldn't be projecting human emotions on to an animal, even a domesticated one like a cat; but I really do believe that Newbie was concerned about me.

Newbie, little buddy, old pal: I'm doing better.  3 more days of rest will make me good as new.  My mother is doing better.  She should be out of the hospital in the next few days.  I know you were concerned about her.

And, yes, I care for you as you care for me.  I have your back as you have mine.  This is a life long thing we have.  I'm not some asshole who's gonna drop  you off on the side of the road or palm you off on someone I don't know very well because you're no longer "convenient" to keep.  If I were a single man, I would never date anyone who didn't abide cats.  If she made me choose between her and you, she'd be gone.  You and me, we're in this dance together, and I will never forget it.

Hey, didn't I spend over 60 dollars in cat food this afternoon for you and Cindy?  That should prove something.  You guys eat better than I do.


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