Friday, March 25, 2011

Post 1571 - A Relapse?

Turns out that Patricia is now sick with what I am trying to recover from.  She's experiencing many of the yummy symptoms that have plagued me all week.

I still have some flu-like symptoms with attendant pain and aches in my joints.   I have little appetite.  I am hoping I can return to work on Monday.

It's  been a very long time since I have missed so much time from work all at once.  Usually, a flu will go through me in a day or 2, and then I can crawl back to work.  Not this time.   This flu has been special and hit me really hard.  I'm sure my work mates are grateful not to have been overly exposed to it, and me, this week.  They're welcome.  Wouldn't say no to a coffee or two when I'm back next week.

I think I'll call it a night.

It's a night.


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