Thursday, March 31, 2011

Post 1577 - Thanks For The Feedback

If there is one disappointing thing about the blog interviews, it's that, once I publish them, I never hear about them again.  I get very little feedback from them.

The interview with Floyd has been somewhat different.

When I published last night, I specifically asked for feedback, and there has been more of it than there normally is.

Thank you.  I have had some nice feedback from Facebook friends and some tweets. Even my under-used Friends of Bevboy's Blog Facebook page has yielded some kind words.

You'll be pleased to know that I will start work on the Neil  Spence interview shortly.  A small teaser for the interview appeared with the Floyd one last evening, as I used a picture from the Spence interview last night in the Floyd one.  There are plenty more where that came from, folks.

I would have started work on the Neil Spence interview before this, but as you know, I took quite ill last week for a full week.  Really affected my productivity.  I think you'll like the Neil Spence interview.  For a really young fella, he has worked in the Valley, Cape Breton, and now in Halifax.

I'll start work on the Neil Spence interview this weekend.  Look for it in this space, soon.



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