Saturday, April 30, 2011

Post 1608 - A Question For The Ages

Is Newbie a cat, or a walrus?

I'm not so sure right now.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Post 1607 - No

No. I didn't watch all the royal wedding.

No. I didn't get all that expensive work done to my car.

No. We didn't make any major decisions after the big family meeting today.

No. Didn't go to the library this evening.

No. Haven't finished transcribing the interview. Did about 20 minutes of material though.

No. Didn't have a long nap today. Dozed off during the news though.

No. Newbie hasn't calmed down for the evening.

Why do you ask so many questions, anyway?

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post 1606 - Another Valley Trip

Drove to my mother's this evening in anticipation of a big family meeting Friday afternoon.

Surprisingly, Newbie didn't get sick in his carrier. In fact, ever since he's eaten, he's been all over me like a cheap suit. He's sitting in the chair next to me as I thumb these pathetic words.

This weekend imma transcribe more of that interview. I'm not going to book anyone else until I've finished the first draft of this 4 hour magnum opus. Another couple of weeks otter do it.

The last episode of The Office with Steve Carrell is on this evening. I'll watch it and then turn in. Have an early day as I take my car into the shop for 8am.

See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Post 1605 - Lots of Fun

It wasn't the best day at work today.  Got some news I didn't like very much.  People I work with read this blog, so I'll leave it at that.

I developed one of my patent-pending headaches this afternoon.  I wasn't going to let myself take a Zomig as there is a danger of becoming too reliant on those little pills.  Instead, I suffered through it at Toastmasters and somehow made my way home.   Grabbed something to eat.  And here I am, writing my blog post before turning in.

I wore the second Bevboy's Blog prototype t-shirt today.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that I didn't get a chance to have my picture taken wearing it like I did with the other one yesterday.  I will wear the shirt again on Friday if I think of it and have my pic taken then.  Then, I'll put it up on my Facebook and here on the blog so that you can enjoy it over and over.  You're lucky I love you all so much.

There is an ice hockey sporting match on television this evening.   One team is the Montreal Canadians, and the one is the Boston Bruins.  I don't know what a Bruin is.  I hope it isn't painful.   Anyway, this is the 7th game in this bunch of sporting matches, and the final one.  Apparently lots of people are watching it.  Just thought you'd like to know.

Turning in for the evening.  Headache is getting worse.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post 1604 – Hobnobbing With Radio Folks

I had a good day at work.  But, I wanna talk about my lunch hour and the 90 or so minutes after work.

I had lunch with my friend Jeff Cogswell at the Mongolie Grill.  Coggsy is late of the Z103 morning show, but since March has been the Drive guy at Hal FM, 89.9 on the FM dial, the classic rock station that has persisted for nearly 5 years now.  Jeff is doing great at that station.  It is a pleasure to hear him on the radio.  And, it was very nice to see him again after having interviewed him in 2008.  Let’s do this again, soon, Jeff!


After work I hied* myself to Durty Nelly’s, also downtown.  Brad Dryden from C100 and Cub Carson from Live 105 were gonna meet me there and ply me with liquor and nachos.


We talked about the local radio scene.  Heard lots of stories.  Brad and Cub talked about some of the guys they had worked with back in Ottawa.  In a previous life, they had done a morning show in Ottawa.  They go way back.

As you know, I have been unabashed in my liking of Live 105.  I have been a fan since they went on the air, and that enthusiasm has not diminished.  I wish the station my very best wishes.


I enjoy talking about radio stuff in the same way that other folks can talk about hockey, or the way some women can talk about shoes or boys or something.   To have been able to spend parts of my day with 3 different radio guys and discuss this amazing medium is something I will not soon forget.


Thank you, Jeff.  Thank you, Brad.  Thank you, Cub.  Let’s do this again, soon.


*Hie” is a very old word.  Here’s the definition.  The past tense is, indeed, hied.  It’s too bad that the spell checker with WLW doesn’t keep track of that.  Bevboy would never lead you astray.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Post 1603 - A Long Weekend Over (More, Please!)

Just finished a restful 4 day weekend.  I wish I had done more, but I didn't.

I prepared French toast for Patricia and me this morning.  I hadn't made it in some time, and I hadn't lost my touch.

We watched several episodes of "Burn Notice" this afternoon and finished season 3 this evening.  For whatever reason, the Super Channel in Canada stopped running the show a couple of years ago, right in the middle of season 3, so we had to wait until now to see these shows.  I hope season 4 is not as long in coming.

There is not much to add.  It was a good long weekend.  This week is short anyway.  I have this coming Friday off, so it's naught but a 3 day work week for me this week.

I didn't get any transcribing done this weekend.  I wish I had done at least a little bit.  But it is nearly 11:30 and, gosh darn it, I needed a break, so I got it.

Tuesday, here I come!!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post 1602 - Easter Surprises

There were two highlights today.

The first one was this morning when Patricia gave me a special, one-of-a-kind, Bevboy's Blog t-shirt.  I will wear it to work on Tuesday, unless it's too cold or something.  I will have my picture taken in it and you will see it here on the blog on Tuesday night.

The second highlight was tonight's dinner.  It was an organic chicken that I purchased in Port Williams in the Fall.  It was roasted for several hours in the oven and served with mashed potatoes and gravy and fiddleheads, a local delicacy unknown to people outside of this region.  My friend Steve Vernon spoke of fiddleheads with Mark Justice on the pod of horror podcast a few years ago; Mark keep teasing Steve about them.  I just know they're delicious and Mark doesn't know what he's missing.

Anyway, the meal was excellent.  The t-shirt was terrific.  And it's been a good, albeit secular, Easter.

I am not sure what my point is here.  I'm not sure there is one.  I am not sure if there is even a verb here.  I am just rejoicing in a pleasant day with good company and 2 cats that were mostly docile for a change. It is my first Easter since my father died, and I was by turns looking forward to it and dreading it.  This time last year, Dad was in his assisted living home and in the last 2 weeks of his life.  Easter in 2010 was early enough in the year that he was able to enjoy it to some extent.

What can I say?  Life goes on.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Post 1601 - Long Weekend -- Half Over!

It is pushing 11pm Saturday.  My long weekend is half over.   More's the pity.  I go back to work in 2 and a half days.

I wish I could say I had been as productive today as I was yesterday.  But, I wasn't.  I slept in late.  I downloaded and installed nearly 300 megabytes of updates on my linux netbook, which resulted in plenty of improvements, but which have caused the hard drive to have only 1.4 gb of storage left on it.  

I took a nap in the afternoon while Patricia shopped in Bayers Lake.  I didn't feel like going anywhere, so I didn't.  She felt like going somewhere, so she did.

We watched several episodes of "Leverage" through Eastlink video on demand.   Right now, Patricia is watching "Sex and the City 2" while I spent the last half hour or so watching a 1960 colour episode of the Steve Allen show.  I love the vintage videos on youtube.

Tomorrow I will try to get back to the latest interview.   I really want to make some progress with it.

Happy soon to be Easter, everyone.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Post 1600 - The 1600th Post

It has been a quiet Good Friday around Casa Bevboy.  Patricia had a headache, and I didn't for a change, so I spent time washing the dishes and doing some laundry and preparing dinner.

I had some time to think about the blog.

I read a friend's blog post earlier this evening.  He was once an avid blogger, but today's post was an announcement that his blog is going on some kind of hiatus.  He doesn't have "it" any more, whatever the "it" is.   I suppose "it" is the desire to write in the first place.

I remember the words of Stephen King, who was asked for advice on how to become a writer.  I don't remember the exact wording, but it was along the lines of, "just sit down and write.  Don't come up with excuses.  Don't put it off.  Just write already."

I will never come out and say that I'm a writer.  At best, I am a frequent typist.  Nor am I a journalist with these interviews.  I respect good journalists too much to include myself in their category.  I am a curious person whose primary interest or fetish is in the medium of radio.  I have been lucky enough to have been able to speak to lots of local radio celebrities, with more interviews in the works.

I still pinch myself at my good fortune with these radio folks.  I have been to Don Tremaine's cottage, had lunch with Pat Connolly, sat in the C100 studios with Nicolle Bellefontaine as she was doing a show, been to the K-Rock boardroom so many times they should name a chair after me,  and just heard more behind-the-scenes stories to last me a lifetime, assuming I died tomorrow.  

Bevboy's Blog began when I quit a message board in disgust, over an insult.   I had no idea that I'd still be here, 1600 posts in, with no end in sight.   3 more interviews are in various stages of production.   Others have promised me to sit-downs.   People are saying it's an honour to be "Bevboy'd".   I am not sure what to say about that!

I guess, if you want me to put it that way, that the state of the blog is good.  I'm still committed to writing something for the blog, every single day.  I want this to be a place that people will want to spend a few minutes reading every day and not think it was a waste of time afterward.

I have said it before.  I'll say it again.  At 1600 posts, I feel I am just getting started.  I will be at this for a long time.  I hope you come along for the ride.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post 1599 - The Long Weekend Is Here!

I am off work for four days.  Returning to work on Tuesday.   On  Tuesday, I'm supposed to have lunch with Jeff Cogswell, and then go out that evening with a couple more radio folks.  I will tell you about that excursion when I get home that evening.

I'm going to be spending some time this weekend transcribing some major chunks of the JT interview conducted last summer.  It is too good not to transcribe, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Lots of other things will happen, too.  I would tell you, but Patricia hasn't told me yet.  Once again, I'll tell you about that when the time approaches.

Oh, one other thing: I won a mystery vocalist contest on the Stan Carew show last weekend.  They had mis-addressed the envelope, so I didn't get the package until this morning.  It was a fridge magnet and some kind of blues or roots cd by a person I don't recognize.

I have won the mystery vocalist contest 7 or 8 times over the years.  It is nice to be on the air and guessing the right answer, while upwards of 100 000 people are listening.  The highlight was when I won at Stan's 40th anniversary broadcast in 2008.  The crowd cheered for me, and some radio folks heard me win.  Pretty nifty.

Guess I'll call it a night.

It's a night.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post 1598 - Scribefire

OK.  Let's try this.

I just installed an add-on for Firefox called scribefire.  The reviews I have read indicate that this is pretty good, but once again, not as good as WLW.

I don't know what to say here.  The editor is a little funny looking.  Adding an inage just seems to upload it to my online picasa album.  That's before I even asked it to publish the silly post.

Sigh.  WLW was made a little more fancy than it needed to be in its latest release, but it is such a damn sight better than Scribefire seems to be.  And WLW lets me develop things like my blog interviews so easily; I can just drag and drop images from any folder on my hard drive to the post I'm preparing. 

I think I will have to stick with WLW for a while yet.  Which means I will have to keep a good Windows computer in the house.  Which means getting Windows 7 as soon as I can afford it, and a memory upgrade to boot.  Probably cheaper in the long run to get a tower somewhere that already has Windows 7 on it, along with at least 4gb of ram to go along with it.

Have I mentioned this evening how much I hate Vista?


Post 1597 - A Linux-Based Blogging Tool

Long-time readers will remember how much trouble I have had with Windows Vista in recent months. I turn on that computer that has Vista on it, and it attempts to install some updates. After a while, it gives up and rolls back these "changes"

15 minutes later, I can actually log on to that computer. Then, it goes through the various initializations that mark the beginning of a typical Windows session. It can easily take 20 minutes before I can do any kind of useful work.

You can understand why I gravitate to this older desktop computer, the one I got for 50 bucks a year ago, and which has a slower processor and less memory and a smaller hard drive and a smaller monitor to boot. It still fires up much faster than the Windows machine, even when the Windows one doesn't go through the throws of these imaginary installs.

What's stopping me from removing Windows and putting Ubuntu on that windows machine? I need a good blog development tool that runs on linux. It's hard to find one.

I am running gnome-blog this evening, which doesn't have anywhere near the capabilities that I need. I am just seeing if it works. If it does, I will probably keep it lying around in my tickle trunk for the day I need it. If it doesn't post, then I will try something else.

Why does Windows make everything so bloody hard? Why did it take a decent operating system like Windows and bloat it up like a dead hooker in Halifax Harbour to the point where it is unusable? Windows 7 seems better; it is on my work laptop and hasn't let me down. Yet.

But, my frig, Vista sucks scissors. I like nothing about it. If not for Windows Live Writer, I'd have dumped it long ago.

Let's hope this work, this linux-based blogging tool.

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post 1596 - Two For Tuesday

Well, this is just double the fun.  I have a headache again tonight.  Took a nap when I got home and rose in time for dinner.  I had promised to wash the dishes after dinner, and I sure did put a big dent in them before my headache decided it had other plans for me.

Les tells me that barometric pressure is rising, which leads to headaches in those prone to them.  I'm prone to them.  Yippee.  I'm #Winning.

I am turning in for the evening.

If I think of it, I'll tell you about the good deed I'll be performing in the morning.  Remind me if I don't, ok?

See you tomorrow.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Post 1595 - Lots of Fun!

Woke up with a headache this morning.  I took one of my magic headache pills at 5:15.  Slept for a couple more hours and Patricia (who also had a headache) I drove in to work.  She remained ill, so I drove her home at lunch time, and I was lucky enough to be able to work from home for the afternoon.

My headache re-asserted itself by 3:30 or so.  It intensified during the dinner hour.  As Patricia got up, I had to rest for a couple of hours.  It is now 9:30 and I am probably gonna be up all night long now.  Thanks to my second Zomig pill in one day, I should finally be free of this headache.

It's a short week.  3 days to go afore several days off.  Sleep, here I come!

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post 1594 - A Day Spent Doin' Nothin'

Slept in late.  Made breakfast.  Surfed the web downstairs for a while.  Watched Bill Maher for a couple of hours.  Realized that a lot of the American political stuff bores me silly.  Do like New Rules quite a bit, though.

We watched several episodes of "Leverage" through video on demand.

Patricia prepared a chicken dinner with roasted potatoes and fiddleheads.

I found 4 frozen chickens, 3 of them from an organic farm in Port Williams, in the downstairs freezer.  When Patricia  moved in, she brought her stand up freezer with her.  She wondered aloud whether we would need 3 freezers, if you include the freezer that's part of the fridge.  She repeated that when we got the huge fridge a few months ago.  Today, after I found all that stuff in the fridge downstairs, she stopped talking.   I think we'll keep it for a while.

Another weekend is behind us.  Back to work in the morning. It will be a short work week with Easter coming this week.  4 days off, baby!

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post 1593 – Bevboy’s Radios, Part One

This is the first in a long-promised series about all the radios I own. 

Please note:I own a lot of radios.  It is possible that, after I have taken photographs of all of the radios I have in my home and at my mother’s, that I will unearth a radio I had forgotten about.  If and when that happens, I will write about that device as well.

I write these words in my home office, on my windows-based desktop. It is just as well.  I can glance up and see one of my clock radios.  It’s the one just just above this paragraph.  With the press of a button, I can get 59 minutes of radio.  But, I don’t have to because another radio in this fairly small room is already on.  In fact, I have 4 radios in this room.  Let me tell you about them.


The radio above was purchased at The Value Village store in Bayers Lake, probably about 8 years ago.  I just wanted a small, cheap clock radio for this room, and this one was about 7 dollars.  It has worked perfectly all this time.  It keeps great time.  The sound quality is surprisingly good.  And it matches the 2 computer speakers flanking it.  The most unique quality is possesses, however, is the built-in night light.  There’s a little dial on the side.  I move it into the on position, and I get a variable-bright night light.  I like this radio a lot.

What’s next?  Ah, yes.



This radio is at my other computer desk, the one I got from my sister and brother-in-law this Winter, and which I had to assemble.  You may remember the blog post I wrote about it at the time.

I wanted a small radio for this space. I had another one there for a time, which I had moved to that space from an adjoining room.  I didn’t like that radio so much in practice.  It sounded fine, but the tuning bar would drift from one station to another.  A pain in the ass.

The above radio was in my living room.  Patricia found it to be in the way, so I happily brought it downstairs one evening and plugged it and put it on the computer desk, where it remains to this day.  It also sounds fine.  It occupies very little space.  And, it’s on at this very moment, tuned into CBC’s “Definitely Not The Opera”. 

I got this radio at a yard sale, I’m pretty sure in the Annapolis Valley, probably 5 or 6 years ago.  I bought 2 radios that day; the other one was in poor condition and I ended up throwing it out.  This one has been a delightful addition to my radio menagerie. 



Radio #3 is a very recent addition to this room.  In fact, I just took the picture of it about 30 minutes ago.  For frig knows how long, it was at my mother’s place, in my old bedroom.  I was throwing some stuff out this Winter and found this radio.  I plugged it in to a power bar, and it worked fine.  I think I had plugged it into another outlet and found it didn’t keep time.  There is a problem with some clock radios and some power outlets.  The # of cycles that the outlet produces is something that these clock radios rely on to keep accurate time.  In some older power outlets, such as a few at my mother’s, this is a problem, and this is one of the clock radios affected by this confounding problem. 

I unplugged it at the time and forgot to throw it out.  I eventually learned about this problem and decided to give the radio another chance.  It hasn’t disappointed me.  It keeps excellent time and gets good time.  I thought I’d bring it down here, and it’s plugged into an outlet at my 3rd desk.  That desk is one my father built me many years ago, and I wouldn’t part with it for the world.   It’s a one-of-a-kind item that I will tell you about sometime if you want to know about it.

I have no idea where and when I bought that radio, by the way.  If I ever remember, I will let you know.  I know you’re curious.


We have reached the final radio that I keep in this room.  Until I brought home radio #3, it was plugged into that outlet.  The radio is now plugged into nothing at all.  I do not use it at the moment.  I am not sure where I will put it, but I don’t plan to get rid of it, either.

I bought this radio around 2002 at a Port Williams Yard Sale.  They have these village-wide yard sales every June, around Father’s Day weekend.  I know I paid 50 cents for it. 

Originally, there was the option for battery operation.  However, the previous owner had left a set of batteries in there for far too long, and the acid had compromised the wiring and injured the battery casing.  I know you can buy replacement battery casings for a dollar or so and solder the wires back into place.  But, please re-read the last sentence in the previous paragraph, the one about how much I paid for this puppy.  Any additional work done to it would be a waste of money, especially in light of the fact that the power cord makes the radio work very well indeed.

This was the radio I kept at my work for quite a few years, both at my previous job and the one I have now.  I brought the radio home a few months ago because the computer equipment at my work was interfering with the reception and caused the speaker to issue high-pitched noises from time to time.  I only kept a radio at work to distract me from all the white noise around me (you know, the humming of the lights and so on), and only at a volume that would not bother anyone around me.  I was happy to bring it back home after 9 years or so of being away.

So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  The first room in my house, and the 4 radios in it.  There are many more rooms in this house, and many more radios.  In a future edition of this blog, I will discuss some more radios in this home, on a room-by-room basis.

In the meantime, please get back to me with your thoughts on this important, ground-breaking series.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Post 1592 - Accomplishments

Finished the first draft of the Neil Spence interview this evening.  Sent it off to him.  It's a few dozen pages of single-space text, so it will take him a while to wade through it all.

I resume transcribing another oft-delayed interview tomorrow, this one not with a radio person.  I feel badly to have taken so long to finish this 4-hour, frig-knows-how-many-page magnum opus.  But I will take a couple of weeks and really work on it so that this other person can read it over and vet it before I see him again this summer.  Patricia always spends Saturday afternoons watching a plethora of cooking shows.  I do not share that passion.  I will come down here to my home office and type for a few hours.  Great fun.

What else?

Did I tell you that last week I bought a really small computer desk that is in my old bedroom at my mother's?  No.  Well, last week I bought a really small computer desk that is in my old bedroom at my mother's!  It's pretty Spartan, but it works.  I also bought an external flatscreen monitor that I hook up my netbook to.  An external mouse and keyboard add to the lovely ensemble.  A pretty good work area for transcribing these interviews.  I use a consistent word processor among my windows and linux computers.  It's called abiword and is lighter than things like Open Office and ... "heavier" than wordpad.  Of course, wordpad doesn't work on linux machines, unless you're running wine or something.  I'm not sure if wordpad will run under wine to be honest.

At any rate, whether I'm here at home, at my mother's, at work during my lunch hour, or even at the cottage, I have access to at least one computer on which I can type my fingerprints off, all in an effort to gradually record the history of radio broadcasting in Nova Scotia.  Why I do this, is a mystery unto itself.

Say, tomorrow, unless something crazy happens, will be the first part of a long-promised series about all the radios in my house.  Once I complete the series, eventually, I will have to issue periodic updates as other radios enter my life.

It should be a fun series as I tell you about each radio I own, which I figure is about 18.

Look for it, starting tomorrow!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post 1591 - Relief!

Well, today's post was supposed to come from Pictou County, probably something thumbed on my BlackBerry.   We were taking a couple of days off work to go up there and do something that I can't really get into here.

About an hour before we were to leave, Patricia got a call from a person who told her that the trip would no longer be necessary.  Another person had decided to accept Patricia's offer and would sign a paper to that effect.

This is all good.  A huge burden has been lifted from our shoulders.  Phew!

We had an unexpected day off, so we went out to lunch.  Thence to the local Chapters, which has an attached Starbucks.  I drank a frappuccino vanilla blah blah blah which cost me 7 dollars.  Thence to Costco, and then back home.  Took a nap.  Got up and came downstairs.  Transcribed the first 11 minutes of the final audio file in the latest interview.

Back to work tomorrow.  Will have to remember to cancel the vacation day I was originally going to take on Friday.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post 1590 – A Live 105 Love Letter

Listened to Live 105 with Cub and Floyd this morning on the way to work.  To raise money for a charity, they are agreeing to do “odd jobs” around the city.  A couple of weeks ago, Floyd had to clean out a litter box.  I do that many times a week for free.  I wish someone would pay me. 



But I digress.

Today’s little excursion was to clean the windows at Durty Nelly’s, a downtown watering hole.  Long-time Bevboy’s Blog readers will recall that I had one of my 2010 Christmas tie photo sessions there back in December.  Go back and check by clicking on the Christmas Tie 2010 label.



But I digress.

Durty Nelly’s is but 2 blocks from my work.  Patricia and I agreed to to up there and say hello to Cub and Floyd.  I’d have been delighted if they had at least recognized me.  “You’re… Ben Kennedy, right?”, was all I expected. 


But, no.  Cub and Floyd recognized me instantly.  Cub remembered that Patricia had been too sick to meet with Cub and me when I interviewed Cub a couple of months ago and hoped that she was feeling better. 

For a station that went on the air a scant six months ago, they are doing an awful lot right.  They are getting themselves into the community like few other stations do.  They are working morning, noon, and night to get the word out about this amazing radio station. 


I have made it a point in the last year or so not to editorialize too much about local radio stations.  If I say something nice about radio station A, it might disappoint people at radio station B, even if such a slight was never intended.  I am trying to interview all on air staff at all radio stations in Halifax (and the Annapolis Valley), and the last thing I want to do is risk alienating folks at stations whom I haven’t yet had a chance to contact. 

As I have done more of these interviews, I have come to respect and appreciate even more the hard work that jocks at all stations put in day in and day out, oftentimes for not a whole big pile of money.  The fact that they may work for a station whose music doesn’t float my boat no longer matters to me (it never should have).  These folks all have interesting stories to tell and a wealth of information they can share with the people who read the interviews.  You understand.



It is impossible to overlook all the hard work that the people at Live 105 have done in 6 months.  They have gone from a test broadcast to a pretty damned compelling station in short order.  I’m sure there are rough spots here and there (no news casts for the Drive show?  Tsk, tsk), and maybe one or two other things that, given enough time I could list on a piece of paper.  But, by and large, over all, generally speaking, Live 105 has been just super, and plenty of people I know have been tuning in.  People even my age. 


I didn’t mean to turn this blog post into an ode to LIve 105.  I do listen to most of the other stations in this market on a regular basis; but increasingly I gravitate to Live 105.  And Cub and Floyd are a big part of the reason why.


Keep up the great work, guys!

Tomorrow: A Pictou County post.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post 1589 - The Debate

I am watching the leaders' debate this evening.  It is on every Canadian channel, so it's  not like I have much choice.

I have stated this before to anyone who would listen, and I still feel this way.  This is a blanket statement about politics and politicians of any party, any time, anywhere.  It is as follows:

Politicians put up with a lot of crap.

I don't know many people who would try to apply for a job every few years, and to have good people disagree with you just for the sake of disagreeing with you.  I don't know many people who would like it very much if other people got in their face during meal time.

Politicians have to tolerate and accept and even welcome vituperation and constant criticism and intense scrutiny.  Sounds like fun.  Boy, I want to put myself through that.

In real terms, the money isn't that good.  Most good people can make more money in the private sector and have much less b.s.. in their lives.  Instead, they put themselves out there and try to make the world, or at least their constituency,  a better place.

I don't understand why any good person would want to put himself, or herself, through all the hassle and the b.s. and aggravation associated with seeking, attaining, and retaining a public office.  It is not readily apparent to me.

Your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 1588 - Hodge Podge

I spent my lunch hour today transcribing an audio file in the Neil Spence interview.  I spent more time this evening transcribing 2 more audio files.  Just 3 more to go, but they add up to probably 35 to 40 minutes of material.  I will try very hard to finish in the next few days.

We went to the No Frills store in Spryfield after work.  The prices are amazing, and the place is bright and clean.  We love it there.

Newbie has been hanging about me ever since I came downstairs to work on the interview some more.  If he were human, he'd be looking at his watch and tapping his foot on the floor.  He jumps from one book case to another, cleaning himself, glowering at me with those cat eyes of his, and wanting me to call it a night.  Which I will shortly.

Did some estate stuff today.  Dad died nearly a year ago now, and this estate work is not over yet, and won't be for some time.  My father asked me to be an executor, as he asked my 2 sisters.  We did not shirk this duty, but it has been anything but easy and duty light.  As the weather improves, I will find myself at my mother's more and more, mowing her lawn and cleaning around the house and trying to make sense of all the stuff Dad left behind in his garage and his workshop.

I remember when he first built the garage.  It was his pride and joy.  I was 10, so it would have been 1974.  He would spend an awful lot of time out there after supper, doing some work, or perhaps just taking a break from us for a bit.  He was always a busy guy; it seemed to be a sin to him to kick back and relax.

Today, the garage seems awfully small to me, at least from the outside.  It needs some work to bring it back up to what it was a long time ago.  Some lighting fixtures are on their way out; they are original to the garage, and were probably used when Dad put them in there.   I will chip away at it as my time and schedule permit.    My sister and brudder in law have been helpful as well.  Turns out that Dad even had a ladder that he needed to borrow yesterday.  Glad to oblige.

Not sure where I'm going with this.  It's just that the more time I spend down there, the more I realize how much work there is to be done there, and here, and at the cottage, which are all in different parts of the province.  Starting to feel a little torn and pulled in various directions.  I don't like that feeling very much.

I'm looking forward to my 5 weeks of vacation this year.  I will need every moment of them.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Post 1587 - Back In The City

I am back in my house.  It's past 10pm on another Sunday night.  I type these humble, nearly pathetic, words on my netbook.  I use it more than I probably should, but it is not hard to type on, and as long as I am in the driver's seat, it is not that hard to see on the 7" screen.

I returned here mid-afternoon.  I left my mother after making us a chicken dinner with enough leftovers to last her for a few more meals.  She made fishcakes on Friday and I ate too many of them. I didn't have the heart or the balls to bring any back with me.  Another couple meals for her that she doesn't have to worry about preparing.

I will be back there in a couple of weeks.  There is the annual Spring clean up coming up, and I want to throw out a bunch of stuff from my father's old workshop.  He was a packrat of the first order, and kept things that literally are useless and cannot reasonably be re-deployed for some other purpose.  Garbage.  Trash.  Stuff to throw out in anticipation of the clean up that I wish they would do around here.

Back to work tomorrow.  Back to transcribing more of the Neil Spence interview tomorrow.  Will try to finish it this week.  Spent a good 4 hours transcribing pieces of it this weekend.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Post 1586 - A Cute Newbie Picture

Spent time this evening at my new-to-me computer desk at my mother's, transcribing some more pieces of the Neil Spence interview. Long day.

Newbie was posing for me, so I had to share this with you.

See you tomorrow.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post 1584 - Another Valley Weekend

Newbie and I drove up from the city this evening. We will be here at my mother's until Sunday afternoon.

Mom has been planning my weekend for some time now. Shopping followed by more shopping and topped off with yet more shopping. Maybe some more shopping after that.

There's nothing like dragging your cat in his carrier across a portion of the province to make him appreciate you. He's been all over me since we arrived a couple of hours ago. He's on my lap as I thumb these always-humble words. And when I step out tomorrow morning, I know he won't like it. Will try to be with him as much as I can whilst I'm here.

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. Should head to beddy bye.

Newbie? You coming?

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Post 1583 - Taking Shape

I spent my lunch hour today transcribing some pieces of the Neil Spence interview.  I spent some time this evening after my Toastmasters meeting transcribing some more pieces of it.  It is starting to take shape.  I will work on it over the weekend when I'm at my mother's.  I hope to finish the interview over the next week or so.  Thank goodness for laptop computers and Dropbox!

People wonder about my commitment to this blog sometimes.  They see these relatively brief posts and think that I just knock it out because I'm too lazy to write something more substantial.  They fail to realize that most of the time, when I write these short posts, it's in addition to the 2 hours (or more!) I would have spent that day transcribing pieces of an interview, or sourcing videos to embed in an interview.  That's the case today.  A couple of hours of transcribing, followed by today's blog post.   That's a couple of hours I could have spent drinking cranberry juice or sorting my paperback books or spending time with Patricia or something.

Tomorrow: More of the same as today.  Plus, a drive to my mother's.  Newbie's probably coming with me.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Post 1582 - Still Looking Great

I won't put up any more pictures this evening of my fabulous hair.

I could, but I won't.

I have been asked not to.

You see, several of my readers, whom I know very well, simply do not have hair that's anywhere near as good as mine.  They are, in short, jealous.  Would that it were not thus, but alas, it is.  I must respect their wishes, as much as it pains me to do so.

So, for the foreseeable future, until I know it is safe, I cannot run any more pictures of my terrific, wavy, luxuriant hair.

(I'll know it's safe when Kevin goes back on vacation.  Hee hee)

Transcribed some of the Neil Spence interview this evening.  I think this one is gonna rock.  He was very forthcoming with me last month, and I am looking forward to sharing the interview with you, my devoted readers.  He had some nice things to say to me and about the interviews.

Back to Toastmasters tomorrow night.  Been away for a couple of weeks.  Damned flu!

Guess that's it for tonight.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Post 1581 - Amazing Hair, With Proof!

I have great hair for an old fella.  Just to prove it, I took some pics of myself earlier this evening with one of my webcams (I have 4!), and thought I'd share a couple of them with you.  They're also up on my Facebook if you want to check them out.

You'll notice I'm wearing headphones.  They're some of the ones I use when I transcribe interviews for the blog.  I have much better headphones attached to my mp3 player and use them all the time; but when I'm home, here at my computer desk, I use a pair of cheap ones I bought several years ago at a dollar store.  For cheap ass headphones, they sound pretty good and certainly are more than equal to the challenge of helping me transcribe the spoken word content from my digital voice recorder.

In the second picture, I'm lost in thought.  I have no idea what thoughts were going through my head at that particular moment.  I hope it was a good one.  It probably involved food or how nice my hair was.

I seem to be surprised in this picture.  I am not sure what is surprising me.  It must have been the state of my bank account.  Maybe I should try to sell one of my webcams.

My favourite of all these amazing pictures.  It displays a quiet, supreme confidence that would make anyone who knows me laugh at the sheer irony of it all.

Which one of the above pictures is your favourite?  I know it's hard to choose.  Try anyway.  I'm deeply insecure.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Post 1580 - Another Weekend Gone

It's Sunday night, and I return to work in the morning.

The weekends go by ever quicker, the older I get.  Every once in a while, I hear about some scientists in the United States or Canada who study the speed of ketchup as it oozes out of a bottle; or who have a rat learn a maze and then chop up the rat and feed that rat to other rats, and see if those rats know the same maze; or maybe a scientist will get a grant and try to determine, if you drop students of different weights from the top of the science building, which one will hit the ground first.  Really important things like that.

Why don't they instead try to understand why weekends go by so quickly?  I'd pay attention to that study.  I'd even buy the issue of the scientific journal  the results appear in and get Patricia to read the article to me.  That's how much it would mean to me.  Lord knows I hate to read.

In other news, PBS is re-running their Civil War series again, for the upteenth time.  It's in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American civil war.  I watched some of it when it first ran 20 years ago.  I taped it all  to boot.   It was repeated around 2001 and I taped the entire series for a second time and eventually burned the whole thing to dvd and watched some more. Many years later I bought the very expensive dvd set and watched a  bit more.

It will be on again this week.  I have decided to tape the show again and I will probably put it on dvd again, and keep it along with the other home made recording I did, plus the professional dvd set I bought.  Eventually I will have to watch the entire series.

At least I'll have a choice of copies to watch.

No, I won't lend you any.

I'm a real meanie.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Post 1579 - My Saturday

Another day doing not much of anything.  I watched some stuff on youtube.   I wrote some emails.  I watched that god awful episode of "Grey's Anatomy" where they sang for no good reason.  And, now, at 10:30pm, I am getting ready to call it a night.

I don't get "Grey's Anatomy".  An awful lot of women adore it, but most men don't.  I watch it once a year or so just to reinforce how I feel about it.  It's dull and listless.  The singing episode was nearly an all-time low.  What's her name?  Torres?  She sang those dumb songs really well.  

Much better was "Body of Proof" with Dana Delany.  She is a female House, but Delany is a good actress who rises above the material.  I will watch it for another couple of episodes.  It's opposite The Good Wife, so I will have to tape the show and watch it later.

I guess that's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Post 1578 - A Long Week

Is it Friday yet?

The weekend is here.  Thank goodness. It's been a long week.  I have been still recovering from my flu and my cold, or whatever the Hell it was that felled me last week for a week.

Patricia was out sick again today but reports this evening that she's feeling better. Meanwhile, my throat has become scratchy this evening.  Wonderful.

A late Winter storm hit Nova Scotia today.  The walk to the car was no fun.  By the time I finally got home, I was soaked to the skin.  A quick shower warmed me up.  But I decided to have a quick nap, also.  The next thing I knew it was 10:30.

I hope I'm not coming down with something.  That's the last thing I need.

Hoping you guys have a nice weekend, I remain...