Sunday, April 3, 2011

Post 1580 - Another Weekend Gone

It's Sunday night, and I return to work in the morning.

The weekends go by ever quicker, the older I get.  Every once in a while, I hear about some scientists in the United States or Canada who study the speed of ketchup as it oozes out of a bottle; or who have a rat learn a maze and then chop up the rat and feed that rat to other rats, and see if those rats know the same maze; or maybe a scientist will get a grant and try to determine, if you drop students of different weights from the top of the science building, which one will hit the ground first.  Really important things like that.

Why don't they instead try to understand why weekends go by so quickly?  I'd pay attention to that study.  I'd even buy the issue of the scientific journal  the results appear in and get Patricia to read the article to me.  That's how much it would mean to me.  Lord knows I hate to read.

In other news, PBS is re-running their Civil War series again, for the upteenth time.  It's in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American civil war.  I watched some of it when it first ran 20 years ago.  I taped it all  to boot.   It was repeated around 2001 and I taped the entire series for a second time and eventually burned the whole thing to dvd and watched some more. Many years later I bought the very expensive dvd set and watched a  bit more.

It will be on again this week.  I have decided to tape the show again and I will probably put it on dvd again, and keep it along with the other home made recording I did, plus the professional dvd set I bought.  Eventually I will have to watch the entire series.

At least I'll have a choice of copies to watch.

No, I won't lend you any.

I'm a real meanie.


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