Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Post 1583 - Taking Shape

I spent my lunch hour today transcribing some pieces of the Neil Spence interview.  I spent some time this evening after my Toastmasters meeting transcribing some more pieces of it.  It is starting to take shape.  I will work on it over the weekend when I'm at my mother's.  I hope to finish the interview over the next week or so.  Thank goodness for laptop computers and Dropbox!

People wonder about my commitment to this blog sometimes.  They see these relatively brief posts and think that I just knock it out because I'm too lazy to write something more substantial.  They fail to realize that most of the time, when I write these short posts, it's in addition to the 2 hours (or more!) I would have spent that day transcribing pieces of an interview, or sourcing videos to embed in an interview.  That's the case today.  A couple of hours of transcribing, followed by today's blog post.   That's a couple of hours I could have spent drinking cranberry juice or sorting my paperback books or spending time with Patricia or something.

Tomorrow: More of the same as today.  Plus, a drive to my mother's.  Newbie's probably coming with me.


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