Sunday, April 10, 2011

Post 1587 - Back In The City

I am back in my house.  It's past 10pm on another Sunday night.  I type these humble, nearly pathetic, words on my netbook.  I use it more than I probably should, but it is not hard to type on, and as long as I am in the driver's seat, it is not that hard to see on the 7" screen.

I returned here mid-afternoon.  I left my mother after making us a chicken dinner with enough leftovers to last her for a few more meals.  She made fishcakes on Friday and I ate too many of them. I didn't have the heart or the balls to bring any back with me.  Another couple meals for her that she doesn't have to worry about preparing.

I will be back there in a couple of weeks.  There is the annual Spring clean up coming up, and I want to throw out a bunch of stuff from my father's old workshop.  He was a packrat of the first order, and kept things that literally are useless and cannot reasonably be re-deployed for some other purpose.  Garbage.  Trash.  Stuff to throw out in anticipation of the clean up that I wish they would do around here.

Back to work tomorrow.  Back to transcribing more of the Neil Spence interview tomorrow.  Will try to finish it this week.  Spent a good 4 hours transcribing pieces of it this weekend.

See you tomorrow.


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