Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post 1591 - Relief!

Well, today's post was supposed to come from Pictou County, probably something thumbed on my BlackBerry.   We were taking a couple of days off work to go up there and do something that I can't really get into here.

About an hour before we were to leave, Patricia got a call from a person who told her that the trip would no longer be necessary.  Another person had decided to accept Patricia's offer and would sign a paper to that effect.

This is all good.  A huge burden has been lifted from our shoulders.  Phew!

We had an unexpected day off, so we went out to lunch.  Thence to the local Chapters, which has an attached Starbucks.  I drank a frappuccino vanilla blah blah blah which cost me 7 dollars.  Thence to Costco, and then back home.  Took a nap.  Got up and came downstairs.  Transcribed the first 11 minutes of the final audio file in the latest interview.

Back to work tomorrow.  Will have to remember to cancel the vacation day I was originally going to take on Friday.

See you tomorrow.


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