Friday, April 15, 2011

Post 1592 - Accomplishments

Finished the first draft of the Neil Spence interview this evening.  Sent it off to him.  It's a few dozen pages of single-space text, so it will take him a while to wade through it all.

I resume transcribing another oft-delayed interview tomorrow, this one not with a radio person.  I feel badly to have taken so long to finish this 4-hour, frig-knows-how-many-page magnum opus.  But I will take a couple of weeks and really work on it so that this other person can read it over and vet it before I see him again this summer.  Patricia always spends Saturday afternoons watching a plethora of cooking shows.  I do not share that passion.  I will come down here to my home office and type for a few hours.  Great fun.

What else?

Did I tell you that last week I bought a really small computer desk that is in my old bedroom at my mother's?  No.  Well, last week I bought a really small computer desk that is in my old bedroom at my mother's!  It's pretty Spartan, but it works.  I also bought an external flatscreen monitor that I hook up my netbook to.  An external mouse and keyboard add to the lovely ensemble.  A pretty good work area for transcribing these interviews.  I use a consistent word processor among my windows and linux computers.  It's called abiword and is lighter than things like Open Office and ... "heavier" than wordpad.  Of course, wordpad doesn't work on linux machines, unless you're running wine or something.  I'm not sure if wordpad will run under wine to be honest.

At any rate, whether I'm here at home, at my mother's, at work during my lunch hour, or even at the cottage, I have access to at least one computer on which I can type my fingerprints off, all in an effort to gradually record the history of radio broadcasting in Nova Scotia.  Why I do this, is a mystery unto itself.

Say, tomorrow, unless something crazy happens, will be the first part of a long-promised series about all the radios in my house.  Once I complete the series, eventually, I will have to issue periodic updates as other radios enter my life.

It should be a fun series as I tell you about each radio I own, which I figure is about 18.

Look for it, starting tomorrow!!


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