Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post 1597 - A Linux-Based Blogging Tool

Long-time readers will remember how much trouble I have had with Windows Vista in recent months. I turn on that computer that has Vista on it, and it attempts to install some updates. After a while, it gives up and rolls back these "changes"

15 minutes later, I can actually log on to that computer. Then, it goes through the various initializations that mark the beginning of a typical Windows session. It can easily take 20 minutes before I can do any kind of useful work.

You can understand why I gravitate to this older desktop computer, the one I got for 50 bucks a year ago, and which has a slower processor and less memory and a smaller hard drive and a smaller monitor to boot. It still fires up much faster than the Windows machine, even when the Windows one doesn't go through the throws of these imaginary installs.

What's stopping me from removing Windows and putting Ubuntu on that windows machine? I need a good blog development tool that runs on linux. It's hard to find one.

I am running gnome-blog this evening, which doesn't have anywhere near the capabilities that I need. I am just seeing if it works. If it does, I will probably keep it lying around in my tickle trunk for the day I need it. If it doesn't post, then I will try something else.

Why does Windows make everything so bloody hard? Why did it take a decent operating system like Windows and bloat it up like a dead hooker in Halifax Harbour to the point where it is unusable? Windows 7 seems better; it is on my work laptop and hasn't let me down. Yet.

But, my frig, Vista sucks scissors. I like nothing about it. If not for Windows Live Writer, I'd have dumped it long ago.

Let's hope this work, this linux-based blogging tool.

Wish me luck.


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