Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post 1598 - Scribefire

OK.  Let's try this.

I just installed an add-on for Firefox called scribefire.  The reviews I have read indicate that this is pretty good, but once again, not as good as WLW.

I don't know what to say here.  The editor is a little funny looking.  Adding an inage just seems to upload it to my online picasa album.  That's before I even asked it to publish the silly post.

Sigh.  WLW was made a little more fancy than it needed to be in its latest release, but it is such a damn sight better than Scribefire seems to be.  And WLW lets me develop things like my blog interviews so easily; I can just drag and drop images from any folder on my hard drive to the post I'm preparing. 

I think I will have to stick with WLW for a while yet.  Which means I will have to keep a good Windows computer in the house.  Which means getting Windows 7 as soon as I can afford it, and a memory upgrade to boot.  Probably cheaper in the long run to get a tower somewhere that already has Windows 7 on it, along with at least 4gb of ram to go along with it.

Have I mentioned this evening how much I hate Vista?


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