Monday, April 25, 2011

Post 1603 - A Long Weekend Over (More, Please!)

Just finished a restful 4 day weekend.  I wish I had done more, but I didn't.

I prepared French toast for Patricia and me this morning.  I hadn't made it in some time, and I hadn't lost my touch.

We watched several episodes of "Burn Notice" this afternoon and finished season 3 this evening.  For whatever reason, the Super Channel in Canada stopped running the show a couple of years ago, right in the middle of season 3, so we had to wait until now to see these shows.  I hope season 4 is not as long in coming.

There is not much to add.  It was a good long weekend.  This week is short anyway.  I have this coming Friday off, so it's naught but a 3 day work week for me this week.

I didn't get any transcribing done this weekend.  I wish I had done at least a little bit.  But it is nearly 11:30 and, gosh darn it, I needed a break, so I got it.

Tuesday, here I come!!


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