Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post 1609 - Back In The City

Spent 3 days at my mother's and returned here this afternoon.  It was  good to be there.  Got a lot done

Transcribed probably 45 minutes of material in the long-ago interview.  I know I'm more than half done, but there is still a long way to go.  I still feel that this will be the longest interview by far, and easily the most controversial.  I believe you will like it when you see it.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, I got my mother's lawn mowed for the first time in 2011 this afternoon.  Had to replace the lawn tractor's battery.  Dad never bothered to take the battery out of the unit and store it in the house every Winter like you're supposed to do.  That finally caught up to the battery this past Winter, because the lawn tractor wouldn't turn over on Saturday.  The inner tube also had to be replaced on one of the tires.  There will perhaps be other issues with the unit this year.  But there is a new battery and we ran the lawn tractor for an hour, and now it runs just fine. I will run it every weekend I'm home if only to keep the battery charged.

Mom borrowed Patricia's Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman several months ago.  Every weekend I'm home, I set up the dvd player for her and she watches several episodes.  She  can't figure out how to use a dvd player.

Shut up.

She's my mother.

Anyway, there are 42 discs in the entire Dr. Quinn: Medicine Chick collection.  42.  That's right.  42.  She has been watching episodes piece meal.  Finally, this afternoon while I was mowing her lawn and washing her dishes, she got half way through disc 39.  Only 3 more to go before I return the Dr. Quinn: Mystery Woman collection to Patricia.  Meanwhile, I saw season one of Dr. Quinn: Wotta Woman at Wal*Mart yesterday.   Might make a nice Mother's Day prezzie for her.

It's pushing 11pm.  I have to turn in and begin another record-breaking week of work.

See you tomorrow.


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