Monday, May 2, 2011

Post 1610 - Election Time

This is the day of the federal election in Canada.

Results are starting to trick in, here in Atlantic Canada.

As usual, I voted after work.  I can't get over how efficient the whole process is.  We got there around 5:17.  We got in line for about 30 seconds.  We went over to where the correct polling station was for both of us.  I got my ballot, went behind the little cardboard privacy thingy, voted and left.  Took a total of about 3 minutes.  From there, we had some supremely shitty Chinese food from a place that used to be good, but which was anything but this evening.

We got home 6:30-ish.  Watched "Castle".  And, as of an hour ago, I have been upstairs in the master bedroom, watching the election.

Tomorrow will be a tough day for me.  May 3rd, 2010 will be the one year anniversary of my father's passing.  Think of him all the time.  I will tweet a maximum of once on Tuesday.  And my blog post tomorrow will be special.  Look for both, tomorrow.


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