Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post 1613 - I'm Working As Fast As I Can

Someone else in radio wrote me today, agreeing to an interview and wondering when we could get together.  I begged off, citing the interview I conducted last summer that I am trying to work through.

I think one guy has decided not to go forward with an interview, but there are 3 folks in the works.  One is a hip hop dj in town.  Another is a program director-type person.  And the other is a well-known talk radio host in town.

I have told them all that I must finish transcribing last summer's 4 hour extravaganza.  It weighs heavily on my digital voice recorder.  It calls out to me during my lunch hours and at night and on weekends.

I am working on this interview as fast as I can.  It is not that the material is any more difficult than any other interview I have conducted.  It is that there is that much more material, by far, than any other interview I have conducted.  It's like eating 3 steak dinners with baked potatoes and cole slaw and onions, back-to-back.  And, then it's like trying to digest those 3 dinners over the course of a very difficult and painful weekend.  It's like that.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just explaining.

So, DJ No Luv.  And Dan Barton.  And Jordi Morgan.  I am working as fast as I can.  I will contact you as soon as I can.  I will make the wait worth it.

See you tomorrow.


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