Friday, May 6, 2011

Post 1614 - TGIF!

The weekend is here.  Blessed be!

It has been a long week, with some pieces of bad news along the way.   It has helped me make a decision that I will share with you at the appropriate time.   Nothing bad, ladies and gentlemen.  Something good.

Tomorrow morning I get up relatively early for a Saturday morning and pick up a couple things from kijiji. I love kijiji.

I transcribed a pretty funny story today on the interview I conducted last summer.  This was so long ago that it's like hearing these stories for the first time.   The interview will be so long that I think I will run it in two parts.  Each part will take you 90 minutes or so to read.  I am getting down to about 6 audio files, but several of them are pretty long.  I have probably a good hour of material left to work through.  Soon, my precious pets.  Soon.

Time for bed.  See you tomorrow.


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