Sunday, May 8, 2011

Post 1616 - Happy Mother's Day

It is Mother's Day for another couple of hours.  It seems worthwhile to discuss my mother for a bit, so I will.

First of all, here's a recent (9 day old) picture of me with my mother.

This was taken at my mother's on April 29, 2011, right after an important family meeting.   You will notice that I am wearing the other Bevboy's Blog t-shirt.  This image is one I have not used very much.  It shows me, my avatar, listening to an old crystal radio set.

Mom's had a tough year, losing her husband of 57 years and having to get by on her own.   We have done all we could to help her.  I will be down there again this weekend to help her out around the house.  It has been a struggle, but we have made it so far.

My mother is a lot tougher than she might seem at first blush.  She and Dad made a lot of sacrifices for us when we were growing up. I just feel it is my turn to try to return the favour.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy.  See you soon.


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