Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post 1619 - That's Nice

I have been basking in the relative glory of the latest blog interview. I have received some very nice feedback, including one from a guy in Ontario who reads the interviews as soon as they come out.

Thank you for that.

As I have stated before, I produce these interview transcripts in relative obscurity.  I do nearly 100% of the work on them.  The balance of the work is when the client vets the final product.  Patricia also takes some pictures and shoots some video from time to time.  But, by and large, it's a one man show.  Any mistakes that remain in the published text are mine alone.  And most of the glory has to go to the people I speak with.  There are dregs of it left for me.

Reinstalled the ubuntu derivative on my main netbook this evening.  I had deleted a bunch of files, hundreds of megabytes, from my dropbox last evening, and they were deleted on this computer, but the space wasn't reclaimed on the hard drive.  I decided a clean re-install would fix the problem.  I have been right so far.  It's probably a linux thing.

Off to visit my mother in the morning.  Will have to find a way to trick Newbie into his carrier.  That's always great fun.  Yep.  He'll trick ME into it some day. That will be a great chuckle for you people.  Everyone's a comedian.

See you tomorrow.


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