Friday, May 13, 2011

Post 1622 - That Was Weird

Here I am, in the Valley, visiting my mother, and I had no idea of the problems that blogger was having.

I'm sorry to my readers for the duplicate post you endured.  It's gone.  I decided to keep the "hmm" post even though it didn't say much more than wonder why the first post didn't go through.  It's been renamed to keep the correct post #.

Blogger apparently went read only on Wednesday.  Some kind of maintenance.  It continued into Thursday, and only came up again Friday.  This afternoon, I finally got notifications that the posts from Thursday had gone through.

It's been a busy day.   Took my mother to the doctor this morning and then to lunch thereafter.  She wanted to go to the drugstore and then to Superstore in New Minas.  We finally returned to the house around 2:50.  

Gary Tredwell had contacted me via Facebook this morning, wanting to go out to coffee.  I called him and we met for coffee in Kentville.  We chatted mostly about radio stuff for 90 minutes.

I swear I am beginning to feel like some kind of radio mascot.  I like the feeling.  For you comics fans, I am like Snapper Carr or Rick Jones they way they hung around the JLA or the Avengers a long time ago.  These guys meet with me, talk shop, I mostly understand, and we take our leave.  Love it.  Just love it.

I'm here at the Port Williams library, tapping away,.  I brought another netbook with me.  I went on the net with it and updated and installed abiword and gnumeric on it.   That means that both of the asus eee 2gb machines have abiword and gnumeric on them.  This particular one will remain at my mother's.  I figure that as long as it can be used to help me  transcribe interviews for the blog, then it will have earned its keep.  I'm a very strange man.  

Season enders to both "Blue Bloods" and "CSI:NY" are on this evening.   The latter is perhaps the series finale.  I won't miss it much if it's gone.  These "Done in One" procedurals get awfully boring after a while.   If you want to see a great cop show, watch AMC's "The Killing".  They're spending the entire season trying to track down who killed one teenager.  Lots of twists and turns.  I think Bevboy's Blog readers would like it.

Time to go back to Mom's. She wants to resume watching "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman".  Yuck.


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