Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post 1625 - Another Weekend Gone

It is Sunday night, 10pm.  I should head off to beddy bye soon.

I awoke at my mother's place this morning and felt good that I had transcribed some 27 minutes of material in the latest interview, the one I recorded last summer.  27 minutes of material in one session of transcribing is a lot of material to me.  By my estimation, I have 3 audio files left.  I hope to be finished by week's end.  We're off to the cottage this coming weekend, and if I don't finish the interview by then, I will have ample time over the weekend to get 'er done.

I have been writing down on a slip of paper, the names of the folks who have agreed to sit down for an interview with me.  Some of those "promises" have been firmer than others.  In order to formalize this process better, I hereby eschew writing down the names on a piece of paper.  Instead, I created a small document in abiword that lists all these people's names.  As I interview them, I can remove the names from the list. As more people indicate an interest, I can add the names to that list, which will be sync'd among my various computers via dropbox.  Should have done this long ago.

So, Don Connolly, Bobby Mac, Dan Barton, and 6 others, I'm coming for you.

I have a list.

See you tomorrow.


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