Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post 1627 - Two Days Down

Tuesday is nearly over.  That means... hmm, Wednesday is coming up.

I will be filling in for a co-worker tomorrow.  I do that when he goes on vacation or something.  That's fine.  I do that tomorrow and then have 5 days off work.  I love long weekends.

We will be piling into our vehicles early Friday morning and going off to the cottage.  Considering all the rain we have had in Nova Scotia over the last month or so, if I don't get a chance to mow the lawn at the cottage soon, we will have to braid it.   My mother's lawn this past weekend needed mowing in the worst way, and I had already done it 2 weeks before.  The lawn at the cottage hasn't been touched yet.  Yeah.  That will be fun.   I'll  have to be out there all day.

I don't know how many of you have lawn tractors.  There is something about them that lets me lose myself in my thoughts.  The tractor is too loud for me to listen to the radio.  I can only hear the roar of the engine.  My mind wanders.  I have probably solved many of the world's problems out there on that big ass lawn over the last several years.

Anyway, cottage this weekend.   Looking forward to it.

Hope Patricia can make it.


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