Monday, May 23, 2011

Post 1633 - The Tenth Post Labelled "Back In The City"

It is now 10pm.  We returned to the city just over an hour ago.

We didn't want to leave the cottage.  We kept delaying it as long as we dared.  Finally, at 6:30, we piled into the car.  Our across-the-lane neighbors were remaining; lucky so-and-so's.

The highlight of the weekend for me?  All the sleep I got at the cottage.  There is something about the sea air that intoxicates me in a good way, causing me to sleep for many hours at a stretch.  I can easily spend half my time asleep and still want a nap.  It's the strangest thing.  

We stopped off in Truro at the Timmy's and got a sandwich before driving back here.  I jumped in the shower and shaved and am now as clean as a whistle.  My whistle has never been cleaner, if you must know.

It's back to work in the morning.  Another 4 day work week.  Gotta love them.

Wednesday will be especially fun.  That evening we have our Toastmasters annual elections.   I am not going to stand for an elected position this year.  I have said that before.  It is time for a newer club member, several newer club members, to step forward and participate on the club executive and steer the good ship for the next year.  Old farts  like me need a breather.

Speaking of farting: It's time for bed.

Seeya tomorrow.


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