Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Post 1635 - Cool Toastmasters News!

We had our annual club officer elections this evening.  I'm really excited by the outcome.

Of the 7 officers, 5 of them are newer members who have never served on the executive before.

This is terrific news for our club.  New club officers means fresh ideas, interesting and new ways of doing things and can only bode well for us.

The elections started quietly.  I had the official nomination list and nominated Brian, even though he had not indicated an interest in being on the executive.  He accepted the nomination.  He's our new Sgt. At Arms.

Perhaps it was my spirited, passionate nomination speech supporting Brian's candidacy.  I don't know.  Perhaps it played a small part in his decision to accept a position on the executive.

The next 4 officers were for folks who had already agreed to have their names stand.  They got in by acclamation.

The penultimate officer is the VP  Education, which is the one job you can't phone in every week.  It involves arranging the meeting every week and making sure that agenda is filled, week in and week out. That role had no name next to it.  I nominated Darin.  Once again, he accepted the nomination, and got voted in.  Once again, perhaps the pathetic words I mumbled in support of his potential candidacy helped him decide to accept this nomination.

I'm so thrilled for the club.  I am looking forward to sitting back and watching where we go from here.  I am excited by the prospect of seeing where we go over the next 12 months.   I'm especially happy to kick back and watch it all happen.

Too bad we can't have a beer at a Toastmasters meeting.

Wonder if I can a cranberry juice instead?

See you tomorrow.


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