Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post 1636 - Confront Your Fears!

A decent day at work.  I saved the world and nobody noticed.  Usual stuff.

The highlight of the evening was washing the dishes.  This was a major undertaking as it always is.  We both hate washing the dishes.  We both think that washing dishes is a hateful task, a chore to end all chores.  But, there comes a time in a man's life when he must confront his fears and overcome his tendency to run away.  He must look himself in the mirror and do that which he dislikes.  In my case, it means washing the dishes before I run out of spoons or am forced to resort to using paper plates.

Dishes done, dignity restored, we finally got around to watching the season finale of Hawaii 5-0.  I came down here and have pissed away the last hour or so on the web.  Now, I'm writing this blog post before going to bed for the evening.

Valley again this weekend.  Still on the fence about whether to leave Newbie here with Patricia.  I hate to drag the little guy from pillar to post.  I'd miss him, but it's probably best to leave him here, where he can have a quiet weekend with Patricia and Cindy.

I blush to admit that I haven't transcribed anything in the interview I conducted last summer, in nearly 2 weeks.  I will resume it this weekend for sure.  Shame on me for not finishing.  Other interviews haven't been conducted yet because I didn't want to book anything until I had finished this behemoth.

Off to bed.

See you tomorrow.


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