Friday, May 27, 2011

Post 1637 - The Valley. Again

Drove to my mother's after work today. Decided to leave Newbie in the city. Will miss the little guy all weekend.

In the morning, my mother will gather her strength and pray to whatever deities she believes in, the ones who give her her near preternatural energy, allowing her to shop me into an unconscious state. Come mid-afternoon, we will return here and I will collapse on my bed, muttering to myself, shouting to no one in particular, praying for the exhaustion to go away. Mom will just sit in her favourite chair and chuckle, knowing that she wore me out again.


Just requested side a of the Stones' "Some Girls" album. Haven't heard that album in years. Bought it when I was a teenager in 1978, paying for it with money earned picking strawberries and digging potatoes. I played that record nearly until it wore out. Sold that along with nearly all of my vinyl recordings about 6 years ago.

You can listen to Q104's all request weekend either through an old-fashioned radio like I am, or online through

Listen all weekend.

I will.

When my mother allows me.

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