Saturday, May 28, 2011

Post 1638 - A New Friend

As expected, I took my mother shopping this morning. We didn't return until mid-afternoon.

I decided to mow her lawn right after we got back, and proceeded to do so. After doing all the easy parts, I moved to behind the garage, which is where my problems started.

There is a steep drop off behind the garage. The problem is, I couldn't see it because there was so much vegetation there. The grass was yea tall.

The lawn tractor went over that drop off. No matter what, I couldn't back up or go forward.

It was a real pickle.

I called my sister. No dice. Walked next door. The neighbours weren't home. I could see another fellow off in the distance mowing his lawn. I wandered over, but he could see or hear me. I walked around the other way and approached him straight on.

He saw me this time. I can only imagine the fright I gave him. He'd never seen me before, and there I was, all but sneaking up on him.

I explained what had happened. I asked him if he could give me a hand after he he'd finished his own lawn. Instead, he decided to help me then and there.

Turns out his name is Robert. Have 2 neighbours by that name now.

He came over. We tried to dislodge the lawn tractor to no avail. The rope from the garage and linked to his lawn tractor and Mom's didn't help either. Frig, the lawn tractor was stuck but good!

He repaired back to his place, returning a few minutes later with a tree stump and 2 pieces of wood. We used one to put the rear tire on for traction. The other was used to lift the lawn tractor, using the stump as a fulcrum and the wood the lever. He joked he had once lifted a friend's parent's house with a similar device after this buddy had driven his car into it.

Robert levered the lawn tractor up as I sat on it, trying to reverse it. It gained a bit of traction on the 2x4 and became unstuck.

Who said it? Newton? "Give me a fulcrum and lever big enough, and I can move the world?". Something like that.

If not for Robert, the lawn tractor would likely still be out there and I'd be in the hospital in traction.

Robert, I owe you one. Name it. It's yours.

I hope he reads this. After all, I gave him a couple Bevboy's Blog business cards.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

From Bevboy's BlackBerry to BevBoy's Blog!

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