Thursday, June 2, 2011

Post 1644 - Bevboy Update

I am going to write a bit about my health.  I can't reveal it all, but I will tell you about some of it.

I have been off sick all week.  Monday I was feverish and disoriented and could barely walk.  Felt a bit better on Tuesday, but only a bit.  Wednesday I gathered my strength and scheduled an appointment  with my physician.  He diagnosed me as having... well, never mind.  He put me on antibiotics and told me to take the rest of the week off as this condition is communicable and I was in a lot of discomfort.   He signed one of those arcane forms that the province makes you get your doctor to fill out to justify time off work.

I began taking the antibiotics today.  2 the first day, and one every 24 hours until they're all gone, come Monday.   They are so powerful that they will keep doing their thing for 5 days after I stop taking them.  They also have charming side effects that I won't bore you with, but which will ensure a quiet weekend for me.  Like I have any choice in the matter.

For those of you at my work who read my blog: What do you mean, you hadn't noticed I wasn't at work?  I'm hurt!  I notice when you're not in.  I make a point of it, especially when I'm playing Bev Terrio.  The nerve.  The gall.  The nervey gall.


As things stand, I should be back to work on Monday.  I am looking forward to it, believe it or not.  But those of you who work with me should be grateful that I'm not there, because if I were, you'd have a piece of this crap, too.  You wouldn't like that too much.  You wouldn't like me too much.

See you tomorrow.


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